Empty spray bottles / atomizer bottles & trigger sprayers

Empty mist spray bottles, also called atomizer bottles, are ideal for atomizing liquids. An empty, refillable spray bottle is suitable for spraying / atomizing water, alcohol, disinfectant, cleaning products, perfume or other liquids.

The spray bottles are available from small (30ml) to large (1 liter), available in the colors white, transparent, semi transparent (frozen clear) and brown / amber (known from the pharmacy).

There are also various sizes, long and slim (Boston), or slightly shorter and thicker, there is a suitable bottle for every purpose.

A finger atomizer is also useful for spraying cleaning agent on a small surface. For large areas we recommend a trigger atomizer.

Empty mist spray bottle 100ml Boston

Empty mist spray bottle 100ml (Boston)

Empty mist spray bottle 100ml Veral

Empty mist spray bottle 100ml (Veral)

Empty trigger sprayer / atomizer 500ml

Empty trigger sprayer / atomizer 500ml

A trigger atomizer is for the bigger work think of cleaning, it will spray mutch more than a mist spray bottle.

A trigger sprayer is somewhat similar to a plant sprayer and comes in two varieties, spray and mist (most use is mist).

Compared to a normal atomizer, it sprays more, making a trigger ideal for disinfecting larger surfaces, such as a desk, counter, shopping cart handles, door knobs, but also toys, etc.

You are also at the right place for empty bottles and normal caps. Again it doesn't matter if you only need one. However, the more you buy the lower the price.

  • Empty bottles (ROPP)
  • Loose finger nozzle caps
  • Empty dropper bottles in different colors
  • ROPP caps, child-resistant closure, dropper
  • Trigger sprayers (eg for disinfection or cleaning agents)
  • Fill service, from 500 pieces we can also fill the bottles, inquire about the possibilities
  • From small bottles of 30ml to one liter